Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wherein C Fierce is Shamed Into A Non-Photo Post.

Ladies and germs, I hope you've been enjoying the bloggy stylings of J Fierce as we figure out "how this blogging thing works."  As with much of our projects, we tend to dive in head-first and then realize we forgot our noseplugs.  (KIDDING we were never that lame to use NOSEPLUGS, are you serious?  Only weirdos used noseplugs at the pool, and the Sisters Fierce were waaaay too cool for that during our heady youthful days at the Olympic Swim & Racquet Club.  Yes, they spelled racket like that.  What can I say, we led a charmed childhood.  BUT!  I digest!  Back to the blog!)
J Fierce, due to her non-nine-to-five schedule, has been shaming me to no end that I have yet to post a "baking post."  I know, I know, you have been waiting, breathlessly, for your Google reader to alert you to a new C Fierce posting.  I am eagerly anticipating regaling you, dear Internets, with tales of my baking glories.  However, what is a food blog without food porn photos?  I broke my camera over a year ago, and have decided that it is HIGH TIME to get a new one.  I know, a year without a camera?  Oops.  The new camera arrives today (thank you, UPS tracking, I love you so much) and I cannot wait to take photos of food and then put them on the internet for you to see.  Until then, I leave you with a list.  I love lists.  Making lists is one of my hobbies and skills.  There is nothing better than crossing something off a list.  What a sense of accomplishment, of purpose.  To list is divine.  Without further ado!
12 Foods to Tackle in 2010 
1. Carrot juice.  I don't own a juicer nor do I have plans to purchase one as those badboys are not cheap, but I have recently become obsessed with carrot juice.  So why not try to make my own?
2. A whole fish all by myself, with the bones and everything, terrifies me to no end.  I don't think I really have to explain how scary this is.
3. Croissants.
4. Bagels.
5. Challah.  CHALLAH BACK Y'ALL.  What, I listen to Matisyahu.  Mazel tov!
6. Handground hamburgers ...
7 & 8. ... with homemade ketchup, mayo, and mustard (this only counts for two items as I have already made mustard before, it just wasn't very good).
9. ... and homemade french fries.  Again ... these have been attempted.  Note to readers: don't use olive oil when frying potatoes, it's just dumb, not that I would know anything about that.
10. ... and brioche buns to accompany numbers six through nine.
11. Swedish kanellbullar, which are a lot like cinnamon rolls but with cardamom, which is something like $13 a jar and the first time I tried to make these ... let's just say I had to get J Fierce on the line for an hour before we realized the reason that they did.not.rise. was due to the fact that C Fierce is an idiot and bought the wrong yeast.  This all occurred during the excruciating timeframe of December 2007 to January 2009, in which every attempt to make a baked good involving yeast was met with certain disaster.  It's still a little rough for me to talk about.  I am in therapy, yes, thanks for asking, it is free and called This Blog.
12. Real gingerbread cake.  Not that nasty gingerbread house stuff, I'm talking about needing to purchase liters of unsulphured molasses.  I always see this in recipes from "healthy" or "natural" websites and it kind of scares me, but more than that, it excites me.  It sounds like something from a Saudi Arabian oilfield, and I am looking forward to cooking with it.
13. BONUS ITEM!!!  Homemade pasta.  J Fierce has done this before (I am beginning to think she doesn't even HAVE a job, she just goes to grocery stores and wanders around looking for ways to shame me), and I may need to break down a wall or two in my apartment to make my kitchen big enough to make pasta, but goshdarnit I am going to try.  Even if it's just gnocchi. 
So, dear readers, that is my list for the year.  What terrifies you in the kitchen?  What are you tackling in 2010?  Leave us a note in the comments, please!  It will make us feel like we're a Real Blog!
Be on the lookout for details of Christmas feasting yet to come.  Let's just say that the menu is ... rather eclectic this year.  What, you don't have chicken wings on Christmas?  What are you, UNAMERICAN???
Happy eating and I will see you SOON with FOOD PHOTOS GALORE. 
C Fierce


  1. I want to be there for the fish. yummmmm

  2. i also want fish. cook it with lime and chillis, thai style, that's what i dream about.

    the best part is the cheek.

  3. hello bpg!!! i love to hear that some of you dont just eat white bread anymore... but now it seems you cook and eat everything.

    I will update you on my cooking adventures.. I failed at gnocchi, salt fish, and chickpea curry. mush, salty, and gross.

    Was succesfull with venison ragu, fricot a la poulet, and sweet potato/lentil garam masala. hearty, savory, and delicious.

    I miss you guys!

  4. @Weimy202: good work, you are like, our third comment EVER!

    @birthcontroljill: DONE and DONE.

    @JeffreygeneHK: well aren't you fancy, thai style. you may not get invited over.

    @pierce.ariel: HEY BPG!!! Except now we are more like ... BFG. Yes keep us posted, and we MISS YOU TOO. Write up some of that fricot a la blahblahblah and you can guest post.

  5. I have many fears in the kitchen but if I could just get my cornbread to pop out of the pan without falling into chunks, I'd be pretty pleased with myself.

    I'm hoping to try some of your recipes that you'll be posting so could you Get Busy???


  6. @Lori: Hmmm. I don't know what cornbread recipe you're using but a good trick might be to just bake them in muffin tins, or BETTER YET mini muffins! Everything is better when it's MINI.

    I will be posting the Holy Christmas Chicken Wings recipe soon ... with food porn photos. The new camera arrived and the Internet shall be sated.

  7. Good point about Mini...does that mean I'm ingesting fewer calories when they're Mini?

    I haven't found a place to get good wings in Fresno and I crave them frequently! BW3 was a favorite in Ohio because I could go in there and order an assortment. Every time we visit family in Ohio, I INSIST on BW3 for one of our meals. I make wings at home using Red Hot & Tabasco sauce but I'm anxious to hear about your Holy Christmas Wings...spicy? Please post it before New Year's! Sounds like the perfect midnight teaser!!

    And you DO need to get that camera out. I'm a bit of a dolt in the kitchen & it would be really helpful if you'd show me pictures of some of the ingredients, too. I often stand in the grocery searching for mysterious ingredients that I can't pronounce. Love Whole Foods for that reason...they let you buy small amounts of just about anything! (If I can identify the mysterious item, that is.)