Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing J Fierce

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up - behold, the amazing J Fierce!

Why is J Fierce qualified to co-write this blog?  Well, besides the fact that I am her big sister and I TOLD HER TO?

Reason #1: J is really good at Making Things Out of Other Things.  Some people might call this "creativity."  Those people are boring.  As wee young lasses we created Lego neighborhoods and villages in the backyard for our trolls and Barbies (the ones our lovely Brothers Fierce didn't destroy, anyway).  J earned instant street cred in my book when she made "troll food" out of colored pencil shavings.  Hey, it was the early nineties.  Obviously we did not have cable (thanks a lot, Mom and Dad.)

Reason #2: Writing a blog is lot like having a job.  J Fierce has had quite a few jobs since she graduated from college (YES, with a DEGREE, thankyouverymuch).  These occupations have ranged from stained glass artist to ... umm ... foodie extraordinaire.  This most recent position, which she can describe to you in later detail, puts her in the catbird seat to write this blog.  And she really can bake, lemme tell you.

Reason #3: J Fierce pretty much wrote the book on fierce-ness.  (Half the chapters were about me.)  I have seen her threaten to CUT YOU - yes, you - for infringing upon her personal space whilst enjoying a cold beverage.  She meant it, too.  Ask her about the time in high school she tried to beat ME up after I found out she borrowed my favorite Gap tee shirt WITHOUT ASKING.  Yes, she beat me up for something she did.  Totes Fierce.

J Fierce loves what she likes and hates what she doesn't.  The facets to her personality are numerous and sparkling.  Well, some are kind of scary, like when it's before nine in the morning and you accidentally turn on a nightlight twenty feet from her and she growls like a rabid animal and you better shut that light off otherwise she will cut a you-know-what.  Other than those facets, she is like a diamond.

We hope you like our blog - well, shoot, we really don't care if you like it.  WE LIKE IT and we will make you like it, too.  Kisses!

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  1. I LOVE it and I'll be hounding you to add more posts if you start slacking off! J has HAD to be fierce...look at the competition in that Fierce Household. Stow aways in the attic, a little brother who frightened everyone at Clinont, including the teachers (Just JOKING...that's always been a joke between your mom and me. I remember how independent she's been since elementary school. In fact, the beating up of C doesn't surprise me one bit. TOUGH describes her well!