Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grapefruit, Fennel and Herb Salad

I am afraid of cooking. 

I'm going to try to learn how, and to get myself into the swing of things, I'm starting out easy with a salad. Can J Fierce chop?  Yes she can.  Can J Fierce slice? Yes she can (and so can her mandoline).  Can J Fierce section? Yes she can, although it is more complicated.  Can J Fierce toss? Yes she can. (C Fierce note: what is this, an Obama rally? I thought we were a cooking blog.)

To review:
Chop Herbs
Slice Fennel
Section Grapefruit
Toss together. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad Blogger Chili & Cornbread

I am a bad blogger.  Recent C Fierce Life Events that have kept me from Le Blog include but are not limited to:
  • Moving apartments.
  • A war with the United States Postal Service - "delivering the mail" is not something they do well, let's not even get into this.  However if you need any phone numbers to high-ranking USPS officials just let me know.
  • Ninety degree days in October that make me want to do anything BUT turn on the oven.  Last night I had strawberries and sour cream for dinner.  (Trust me: delicious.)
  • General lack of effort towards kitchen-related activities.
  • Not being able to open up the end of my camera to put the pluggy-inny thingy in it to add photos to my computer because YEAH I work in the IT industry and I'm good at computerz.
  • Driving a car.  This might sound strange to our non-DC readers, but it is a Huge Life Change for me.  Stay off the roads.
I know, pathetic.  And inexcusable to our twelve readers (Hi Mom!).  What can I say? I'm a bad blogger.  Sigh.

Here is some chili and cornbread we made yesterday.  
That is queso fresco and avocado on that chili.  (Guess who likes to play with the Hipstamatic iPhone app.  THIS GIRL.  Especially when she can't use her regular camera because she's a dingbat.)