Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Introducing C Fierce

I’d like you to meet my sister, C. Fierce.  She knows I like to get wordy, so she said "keep it to 200."  Here is my outline - I’ll let you flesh out the details on your own.

A. She is highly qualified to write this blog because she:
  1. Has a computer with internet acess
  2. The ability to type over 60 wpm
  3. Likes kitchen things:
    a. Including baking AND cooking 
    b. AND crossword puzzles 
    c. Kitchen tools and accessories 
    d. Vintage aprons and pyrex
  4. Has hilarity following her wherever she goes. I can't wait until she tells you about the time she got hit by a bike on her way to work. As she was walking.
B. C’s Exhibitions of Fierceness:
  1. Picking fights with Peyton Manning Lookalikes “he can’t even call the audible”
  2. Ability to dress herself in a way some might describe “fashionably” and as i might describe “you are working those heels girlfriend” (but she prefers flats)
  3. Preference for drinking “Jameson on the rocks with a cherry thankyou”
C. Other things you should know:
  1. She really likes onions
  2. She really really likes things in miniature
  3. She really really really wants a daschund to name Ted. Preferably a miniature one. (see above)

D. The top three ways you know she has made that which you are eating:
  1. It is like “honey I shrunk the dessert”
  2. There are crushed red pepper flakes in 
  3. It is delicious
And that, friends, is my sister. Eat your heart out.


  1. As her 4th grade teacher I can add one more qualification to this list: She knows good food when she tastes it! I remember her ranting and raving over a taco from Taco Bell one day and she announced to a group in our classroom, "I love Taco Bell so much that I'm going to have it catered at my wedding someday!"

    I'll never forget that & I smile every time I picture you in Room 206 proudly stating that decision!

    So proud of you two & your blog!

  2. Oh my goodness HELLO! J Fierce and I love your comments! Though I'm not sure I remember wanting Taco Bell to cater ANYTHING, I'm guessing it was because Mama Fierce did not allow us to eat there. Hopefully we will post about better food than Taco Bell ... heh.

  3. So far, everything you're posting sounds way better than Taco Hell, as I've always called it. Living in Fresno, Mexican food is a staple & oh,'s delicious! Luckily, all of my Hispanic friends are generous and share their homemade yummies! Had fresh Tamales on Christmas Eve but still haven't been invited to help make them. I think they sense my lack of cooking skills.

    Your humor has always been delightful & I'm going to enjoy keeping up with you two via your blog!