Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducing ... The Pie Cup

Now, this was rarely an issue in the Fierce household I grew up in, but a few weekends ago I noticed a little bit of a problem. It began innocently enough. I made a pie. I ate a piece or two. I shared a few pieces. And then I wanted my sister to try some. She didn't want to; she was "full" (some Fierce, saying No to Pie?!).

At this point, we'd already cooked and eaten tons of brunch: strata, more bacon than we had at 
the pig roast this year, fruit fruit fruit, ice cream (Guinness, strawberry-rhubarb, and rhubarb, for those of you taking notes at home). It was a "I haven't seen you in forever! Eat all of these things I made!" Sister Attack, and it included mimosas. Lots of mimosas. 

So I offered the option of taking some home with her. I ran out of paper plates and wanted to keep the rest of my tupperware. What can I say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Behold ... the Pie Cup! 
... and I'm officially a commuter.
I can safely say I invented it because I looked on the internets and all I found were pies baked in cupcake pans. That is not a Pie Cup. A true Pie Cup embodies some of my favorite things about America: pie being the first thing, convenience another, and excess, the third.  Of course, the version I sent home with my sister had tinfoil over the top and a spoon poking out of the side. It wouldn't be fair give her something so delicious without utensils!

So, in case you don't have time to sneak that piece of pie for breakfast this week, just put it in a cup! You can  always enjoy it on your morning commute. And if it's a solo cup, you can just toss it out after you finish. Heck, throw it out the window if you want. Just another favorite thing about America!


  1. This isn't a recipe. And it makes me sad. You can figure out how to make takeaway pie. But you can't get a pie to me in China?!?!?!?!? You just don't love your big brother .

  2. I love this. Pie is always amazing but IN A CUP! BRILLIANT!