Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Hot To Cook

All this summertime vacationing -- and hosting vacationers! -- has equaled lots of dinners out, in town and away from home, for the Sisters Fierce.  We've had lobster, steak up to our ears, peach cobblers in spades, crabcakes out the wazoo ... you get the point.  And all these amazing dinners mean that sometimes all a girl wants is a simple dinner at home.  And when this particular girl gets home and the hour hand has nudged beyond 8pm, the last thing she want to do is cook. 

I especially do not want to cook, if, at 8pm, the temperature is still hovering near 80 degrees, which is unfortunately highly typical for my fair city.  In fact, in its early days, my town was deemed a "hardship" post for foreign ambassadors due to its swamplike conditions.  Deeeelightful!

Enter C Fierce's Summer Weeknight Dinner to the rescue.
Please ignore my giant thumb.  It's the same size as the raspberry.  That is not normal.
That's crackers, goat cheese, fruit and some honey.  (Sometimes there is balsamic vinegar if I'm feeling extra fancypants!)  I eat this meal, or a variation of it, at least three nights a week.  Especially if no one else is home and I know I'm going to just eat the goat cheese standing in front of the fridge with a spoon so why not put it on a plate in the first place, self.
Oh lord it's even bigger here ... You don't even know how hard it is to type with these things.

C Fierce's Weeknight Summer Dinner

Crackers (as many as you can get out of the cellophane wrapper without them breaking, eat the ones you broke standing over the sink)
Fruit (at least as many pieces/slices of fruit as you have crackers)
Goat cheese (way more than you think is necessary because you know you're going to eat it off the plate anyway)
Honey (a little prep-bowl-full)
Optional: Lemon juice, cracked black pepper, fancy salts, whatever the heck you think tastes good


Put the ingredients on a plate.
Eat them.
The end.


  1. Yes, it's a VERY COMPLEX RECIPE. I don't know, I might have to translate it for you. Jattestorkram! (PS: Papafranzi = paparazzi?? You are too cute.)

  2. Oh man... How many nights was brie and crackers night at the Phillips/Pierce/Afarian house? I miss you sister. My waistline does not. PS I am eating frosted miniwheats out of the box and about to polish off a bottle of merlot as I type.

  3. Valerie we have graduated to FURNITURE. And a couch. There is even a table. So even though we are still eating cheese & crackers for dinner (and guzzling red wine) at least we aren't on the floor.