Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raspberry Brownies

I went on vacation, right? This girl who loves to bake, who loves to eat delicious things, went on vacation. Without bringing her most favorite cookbook in the whole wide world (if you've been reading the recipes I don't have to tell you which one this is. If you're curious, do some research). 

I knew I would be relying on modern conveniences like stealing your condo neighbor's wi-fi to check your email, and get recipes. We ate delicious seafood (no, not the kind you're thinking, the subject of my most favorite juvenile joke), white fish topped with green apple compote and fried garlic chips, I swear I'm going to try my hand at that sometime soon, like September. You know, after my sister fulfills goal #2 of Cooking An Entire Fish.
By about four days into my kitchen vacation I was aching to do something with my hands, to create something.  After surveying the kitchen's stockpiles (sugar? check. eggs? check. butter? also check) I borrowed a bike and rode a mile or so to the nearest grocery store. My purchases: raspberries, chocolate, and flour. Making brownies doesn't require too many special ingredients. No leavening to buy, minimal mixing not requiring a fancy appliance, a standard sized pan - it was the perfectly simple way to go.  That and we were having the best barbeque I've had in quite some time. Brownies seem to be the appropriate finish to a such a meal. The recipe was based off of what is becoming my standby, with a twist: the addition of fresh raspberries scattered on top.

And man, were they wonderful. Even though I used the wrong amount of chocolate, not out of laziness or economy, but because I forgot, and had already poured everything into the pan when I realized only two of the bars had been opened.

Here's what you do: this recipe, plus a handful or two or three or whatever you have left of a pint of raspberries. Increase the baking time to 40 minutes. And enjoy.

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